Private & Corporate – Group Programs


Private Lessons

DW71**Star Plan Private Sessions – Health and Wellness Delivery! Location can be at your Home, Gym, or Favorite Park!
$35 per person for a 1 hour lesson
$125 for 4 classes. Must be used within 30 days. Includes Yoga skills and method warm up sequence and complementary 20 teabags. Great for novice or beginners.

DW71*Sun Plan Private Sessions

$245 for 8 classes. Must be used within 60 days.1hr 20 min class. Still great for beginners or novice, as this class goes deep into rehabilitation and strengthening of ankles, knees, hips, and back. Advanced students will also benefit from this class by adding different variations of postures. Location can be at your Home, Gym, or Favorite Park!

Group & Couple Sessions

Bring your whole family or grab a group of your favorite friends to work out with!
Couples (2 people): $35 per 1 hour session
Groups of 4: $50/hr
Groups of 5 to 10: $100/hr

Kemetic Yoga I

Kemetic Yoga Postures and Flow Sequences – Includes history, philosophy and meaning behind postures.
$25 per person for a 1 hour

Kemetic Yoga II

This offering represents advanced teachings with the School of Kemetic Yoga tradition.

$295 per person for 8 classes. Must be used within 90 days. Practice video included. Discount offered if interested in Teacher Training with School of Kemetic Yoga. Includes notes from THE FOUR PILLARS OF STRESS MANAGEMENT AND WELLNESS, and HOW MIGHT YOGA HELP DEPRESSION? A NEUROBIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE. & RWST QWED (Deep Meditation practice similar to Yoga Nidra) Plus Meal & Juice Plan.

Corporate Sessions

Providing yoga as a workplace benefit can further engage employees, reduce stress and work related injuries, increase energy and concentration, and provide a greater work-life balance. Classes are an hour long and may be held on site or at the workplace.
Schools: $75/hr
Office Buildings: $75/hr
Health Care Facilities: $75/hr
Correction Facilities: $125/hr
Nursing Homes: $50/hr
Boys & Girls Club: $25/hr
YMCA: $25/hr
Virtual/Online: N/A

* Discounts are available if multiple sessions are booked. Booking requests and cancellations must be received at least 48 hours in advance. Booking is not confirmed until paid in full.

Stress Management

Especially for beginners or the curious, this service is a wonderful introduction to the benefits of reducing stress!
Pricing: $35 per person per 1 hr session

Wheelchair Yoga &
Chair Yoga

Can someone in a wheelchair or with limited mobility do yoga? Of course they can! Poses can be modified or adapted to meet the needs of people with disabilities or chronic health conditions.
$35 per person per session

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