Darrell McDonald


Darrell is a devoted practitioner and teacher of Kemetic Yoga. He is a Certified Yoga Teacher in the Yoga Skills Method (YSM) at the School of Kemetic Yoga, a registered school with the Yoga Alliance. He completed courses at Art of Living Foundation and learned the Sudharshan Kriya (SKY) Meditation Technique. Darrell is dedicated to sharing the healing practices of yoga and stress management with others.

Graduating from Central High School in the inner city of Kansas City, Missouri, Darrell’s life was surrounded by violence, drugs, and alcohol. He was accepted into Tennessee State University in Nashville, Tennessee, where he studied business management. It was there that his life changed forever. He met a Yogi that started teaching him the art and science of Yoga. Darrell immediately noticed changes in his body, mental acuity, and outlook. He was able to deal with temporary obstacles and childhood trauma with patience. Yoga encouraged him to eat a healthy diet in order to gain the maximum benefits of doing breathing techniques, movements and postures. 

In 2016, he enrolled in one of the top Chiropractic Colleges in the country Cleveland University-Kansas City. There, he gained an Associates of Arts in Biological Science. After graduatiing, he continued his studies and earned a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology, and graduated top of the class Magna Cum Laude and Valedictorian. In addition, Darrell has completed courses in Black Child and Youth Development and Stress Management for Health and Wellness.